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Bathroom FittingIf you search for the best bathroom fitting services in Mayfair W1 you can count on our respected and experienced company without any hesitation. Have you considered upgrading your bathroom? Are you fed up with your old furniture? Or are you moving into a new unfurnished property? The point is, if you plan bathroom fitting, you are welcome to try our high quality services, which are delivered in Mayfair W1.

Our company is popular among Londoners because we always strive to bring the best results. We’ll install all bathroom units and furnishings in your bathroom at a good price. Don’t miss the opportunity to use our company any day throughout the week. We’re here to help you. Get in touch with us today.

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    Professional Bathroom Fitting Mayfair W1

    Every homeowner wants their bathroom to be cosy and beautiful, apart from useful. We can help you by arranging all appliances and units according to your preferences so that your bathroom is what you’ve always dreamt of. We’re professional fitters who have relevant knowledge. We use advanced techniques, tools and designs.

    Our service includes the following steps:

    • Free consultation
    • Making measurements
    • Installation of bathroom units and fittings
    • Additional work
    • Inspection

    We start by discussing your personal design flair ideas. We can consult you on the position of each unit, be it a cabinet, tub, sink, toilet, mirror, etc. We’ll draw up a plan, which will help us fit your bathroom faster. After that we’ll install every bathroom unit. The work should take no more than five days. Ideally, it will last only a day but it depends on the size of the room and the amount of units to install.
    Once we fit every piece of furniture, there will be nothing left to do. You will be able to use your new bathroom straight away. We work carefully and make sure every unit is put in its right place and secured. We’ll do all the work according to certain regulations, ensuring that your bathroom is safe to use and will last for many years to come. Your satisfaction is guaranteed.

    If you’re interested in our company and you’re willing to give us a try, keep in mind that we work in Mayfair W1 and several adjacent areas. Call us if you need to know more about our bathroom fitting service or if you need anything else. Our consultants will answer your questions. We’re just a phone call away. Make sure you take advantage of our service.