Electricians London

It is always helpful to work with professional technicians when planning your home’s electrical installation, energy saving plans, special lighting, etc. If you are planning to upgrade the electrical system in your home or office, then you can count on us to help you with this dangerous and difficult job.

We are a reliable and experienced company which offers some of the most affordable and qualitative electrical services in London. Our professionally-trained workers will work alongside you to decide the best solutions for your home. We’ve worked with hundreds of private and commercial clients throughout the years and our customers have always been satisfied with the results we achieve.

Meaningless how experienced and trained you are, it is always dangerous to temper with an electrical installation. Something unexpected can happen at any given moment and we advise you to leave this job to professionals like our electricians, who have repaired and built hundreds of electrical installations for private and commercial customers. We assure you that our company is the best choice when it comes to electrical services, because we offer our customers:


  • Our workers are polite and friendly and will treat your place as if it is their own
  • Each member of our staff is qualified and experienced in the field that they work in.


  • All our employees have been expertly trained and we assure you that they can discover the smallest electrical problems and fix them quickly and professionally
  • You can count on us at any given moment – we offer same-day electrical services which aren’t charged extra


  • Each one of our electrical technicians is fully insured and has been completely checked
  • We supply our employees with the most modern equipment and materials


  • We have flexible working hours and offer upfront price quotes
  • Our customer service is available 7 days a week, so are all services we provide.

Our Electrical services include:

  • General electric installations and rewiring – Our technicians will perform partial or complete rewiring according to all regulations. They can safely connect all areas of your property, whether they are newly built or old, to the local power grid. Installation of additional sockets, light switches and television is also included. You can also upgrade your fuse box so it’s up to date and meets all standards.
  • Installation and connection of appliances – Whether you just did renovations and want to install your new appliances or want to move your old ones, a proper electrical installation is required. In order to ensure the proper functioning of all your appliances, you may turn to our professional electrical technicians. They will assist you with any issue you might have around the house and make sure everything is properly connected and working.
  • Install external and internal lighting – No matter what type of lighting you would like to get, our professionals will be able to provide it for you. Adding lights inside the house, installing an outdoor lighting system or connecting dimmer lights. Everything will be done properly and you can rest assured that no malfunction of any kind will occur.
  • Finding electrical faults in your system – If the cables in your electrical installation are worn out or old, you have experienced overloading of your circuits you might be experiencing some malfunction. This should not be overlooked, since it can cause a lot of damage in the future. It is not easy to find the source of the issue, however, our technicians specialise in doing just that. They will inspect the whole system, find the problem and come up with a solution for it.
  • Fuse box replacement – If your fuse box is an old one and you haven’t replaced it yet, it means that your wiring is old and worn out as well. This can cause many issues and pose a fire hazard for your home. Do not allow this to happen and let us install a new fuse box for your home. The process is simple and quick, when done by professionals, and your new fuse box will pass all strict regulations.

They can also provide:

  • Install emergency lighting
  • Correct power factors
  • Install EPOS, telephone and nurse call systems
  • Install Voice/Video intercoms, CCTV systems, alarm systems
  • Install lightning protection
  • Install fire alarms

Our workers are familiar with the newest electrical technologies and standards and they will make sure that the electrical system at your place is completely safe. Our services are very flexible and you can tailor them according to your requirements. We can take on any electrical problem – from small ones like installing outlets, wiring ovens, ceiling fans and light switches to complex jobs like repairing or installing an entire electrical installation.

Some of the areas we cover:

electricians02We strongly suggest that you do not take on these tasks by yourself. They require special tools and knowledge. Approaching an electrical issue in the wrong way may not only result in further issues with your installation but can also be extremely dangerous.

Don’t wait until your electrical installation starts giving you trouble – a non-maintained and problematic electrical installation can cause you a lot of issues and it can even be dangerous to you and your home. Let us take care of your electrical troubles and we assure you that the installation in your home will run safe for years to come.

Call our office agents – they are available 7 days a week and will give you all the information you need, help you with the booking process and give you a free quote over the phone. Waste no time and let us resolve all your electrical issues.