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Bathroom FittingOur bathroom fitting experts are the best in Rotherhithe, SE16 and our excellent reputation is the best proof for that. We have worked with many clients from all parts of London, and our specialists have installed & fitted bathrooms in apartments, houses, office buildings and large housing estates. We have the experience and skills needed to successfully finish any bathroom fitting project, so make sure to give us a call if you are looking forward to freshening up your bathroom.

We are ready to work with all kinds of bathroom suites, regardless of their type, size and price, so you can count on us to help in any situation! Don’t forget that our employees have very flexible work hours, and they are available seven days a week, so they can easily work on your bathroom during the hours that suit your plans & schedule.

Bathroom Fitting Services in Rotherhithe

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    The work we do is of the highest quality, and we’ll take care of absolutely everything – starting with the transportation of your new bathroom suite, continuing with the fitting, installation, plumbing & wiring, and finishing with the plastering and the final touches that will turn your old bathroom into a stylish & spectacular room that will impress your guests.

    Bathroom Fitters Rotherhithe SE16 from PTMaintenance

    Bathroom FittingAs we already mentioned we have lots of experience in the branch, so our employees can install just about all types of showers, baths, Jacuzzis, sinks, taps, radiators, ventilation systems, lighting systems, etc. Don’t hesitate to tell us if you have any special requirements, because you have the complete freedom to tailor our bathroom fitting service according to your needs.

    Our portfolio is quite rich and you can check it out if you are curious to see some great examples of our past installation & fitting projects. All of our customers were satisfied with our bespoke service, and we are confident that our specialists are ready to take on any bathroom fitting challenge. We’ll take care of all the plumbing, wiring and plastering, so you’ll have a fully finished & functional bathroom as soon as we leave your place. Give our Rotherhithe office a call if you need extra information.