Brickwork Contractors London

No modern material can replace the sturdiness, durability and beauty of brickwork. Bricks are one of the oldest building materials and they are still used in many buildings which need a classic look. If you are looking for a professional brickwork contractor, you might have some trouble, since there are not many companies left who offer brickworks services but thankfully, you’ve found us. We are one of the most experienced building contractors in London and our building and refurbishment services have satisfied the needs of hundreds of clients.

Our brickwork service is one of the most popular in London due to its reliability, affordability and quality. We have completed brickwork for hundreds of our clients and so far we have never received complaints about the results we achieved. We can work with bricks provided by you or with bricks provided by us. We’ve been in this business for many years and we have built relationships with brick manufacturers from the entire UK.

This means that we can get our hands on the most durable bricks in the country and this makes our brickwork service the best choice for you. We guarantee that all brickwork is carried out by trained and experienced bricklayers who have been a part of our company for many years. They have years of experience and they can create anything, using different types of bricks. They are equally skilled at using modern and classic bricklaying techniques, so we are confident that there isn’t a job which they can’t handle. Here are some of the most common bricklaying techniques:

  • Stretcher Bond
    Composed of stretchers set in rows and then offset by half a brick with every course. Its advantages are minimal brick waste and the fact that brick cutting is not required.
  • Common Bond (American Bond)
    It involves a course of full headers being inserted every six courses.
  • Flemish Bond
    It is created by alternately laying headers and stretchers in a single course of brick. It includes more cutting and shaping work.
  • English Cross (Dutch Bond)
    It is made of alternating courses between headers and stretchers, producing a solid and sturdy wall. Commonly used for bridges and other civil engineering architecture projects.
  • Garden Wall Bond
    It is also known as a double stretcher garden wall. It is basically a Flemish bond with two stretchers between each header.
  • Stack Bond
    If you are looking to really show off, this is the aesthetic bond you need. It is not a structural bond and is usually used for interior designs. All joints run vertically down the wall and all stretchers are directly centered on top of one another.

Call us and tell us a bit about the job in hand, our technicians will consult you and tell you what would be best for your situation.
Each one of our workers has been properly trained and we annually send them to training courses in order to familiarize them with the latest standards and methods. We respect our customers and we do our best to improve the quality of all our services in order to meet the ever-rising expectations of our clients. If you want your brickwork done properly, then you should trust our bricklayers!

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