Building and Refurbishment of Bathrooms

The bathroom is usually the smallest room in any property, but it is most people’s favourite place to renovate. Building or refurbishing a bathroom and installing a bathroom suite can be very expensive, especially if you use qualitative products, manufactured by renowned companies. If you want to refurbish your bathroom or build an entirely new one, then you should take advantage of our professional bathroom building and refurbishment service.

Reliable Company For Bathroom Refurbishment

Refurbishing bathrooms is a very difficult job, because in many cases you may have to temper with the plumbing in your home. This is why we advise you to leave this job to our trained and experienced builders. Each one of our employees has been a part of our company for many years and they have been professionally-trained to carry out all kinds of building and refurbishment jobs.
Here are some tips on what you can focus on when renovating your bathroom:

  • Think about space – If you have a smaller bathroom, you should consider a way in which you can improve the interior design without compromising space. This could be done by building in niches for storage, installing a toilet with a hidden tank, placing mirrors and using lighter colours.
  • Include a Window – Many bathrooms have humidity issues. Adding a window in your bathroom can make the space look bigger, add more light and most of all, improve the air flow. Sometimes bathroom ventilation is not enough to prevent humidity from sinking into your walls.
  • Prioritise Ventilation – Whenever you are renovating your bathroom, you might as well consider redoing your ventilation. Fixing a poorly ventilated bathroom can benefit your renovation project and the overall condition of your whole house.
  • Keep it Simple – Choosing simple taps and other fixtures and focusing on other statement pieces (like the countertop) will give your bathroom a proper, classy look without a doubt.
  • Carefully Choose Materials – The proper choice of tiles and countertop materials can greatly benefit the overall interior of your new bathroom. Simple countertop with bold tiles, for example, could look very pleasing.

We are able to remove your old tiles, shower cabin, toilet, vanity and bathtub. A detailed design plan will be created and all your needs and requirements will be taken into consideration. We will help you pick the best materials and style for your bathroom. We will create more space and make everything more functional. Do not hesitate and trust us on this one. We can install new flooring and plaster your walls, reconnect all your plumbing and electricity installations, mount and connect your appliances and install a bathtub, a new vanity or a shower of any kind.

Our bathroom building and refurbishment service is very popular in London and many people have taken advantage of it throughout the years. We are proud to say that so far we haven’t disappointed a single customer and each one of our clients has been completely satisfied with the results our workers achieve. The service is also very affordable and thanks to its flexibility, it can be tailored to meet the budget and requirements of our client.

If you want to take advantage of the most reliable and affordable bathroom building and refurbishment service, then you should contact our company. We’ve proven our professionalism numerous times and we’ll be glad to help you build the bathroom you’ve always wanted.