Carpet Cleaning Dollis Hill

Carpet Cleaning Dollis Hill

PTMaintenance is a reputed home maintenance company which provides carpet cleaning in Dollis Hill, NW2. Book with us and receive quality at affordable rates.

Cleaning a tile floor can be easy but when it comes to carpet cleaning, most of you will have a common answer- vacuuming or dry cleaning. You are right but there is much more than that. In earlier times, carpet cleaning was not as effective as the chemicals would destroy the very nature of carpet material. But we use the latest technology in carpet cleaning and this is why we are successful cleaners in London. Call us now, tell us our needs and our experts will carefully analyze and provide you the quote that you will definitely like.

Carpet Cleaning Prices
Hallway/ Landing Carpet£10 £9
Bedroom Carpet£20 £18
Living/ Dining Room Carpet£26 £23
Flight of Stairs£27 £25

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    Your company surprised me with the efficient service and I am really glad to say that the carpets at home are brilliant.
    – Moira

    My family and I are really pleased with the service of your company as our carpets haven’t looked so clean in a long time.
    – Sarah

    Carpet Cleaning Services in Dollis Hill Include:

    • Moving the furniture
    • Special treatment of the heavy-traffic areas
    • Steam cleaning the whole carpet
    • Professional machines are used
    • Deodorisation of the carpet
    • Quick drying time

    Carpet Cleaners Dollis Hill, NW2

    steam carpet cleaning Dollis Hill

    Many London residents think that by just renting a carpet cleaner to perform their annual carpet cleaning chores they are guaranteed clean carpets. However, most times this is not the case. Unless you have the industrial products and the experience to perform carpet cleaning, all you will do is just push the dirt and debris deeper into the carpet fibres. Our carpet cleaning service has been in business for many years, we have developed a system that will 100% guarantee cleaner and fresher smelling carpets down to the fibres. Our technicians all come highly trained with the usage of our top quality appliances, and we even have eco friendly products for those who don’t want chemicals used in their homes.

    Carpet Steam Cleaning NW2, Dollis Hill

    Carpet Cleaner Dollis Hill

    Carpet cleaning is an unfortunate fact of life for most London based people. Even though carpets add luxury and elegance to most houses, the need to perform carpet cleaning on a regular basis is necessary. Our company offers quality services at affordable prices. We have many different types of carpet cleaning machines to suit every type of carpet, from luxurious wool to polyester. Whatever the carpet type we are assured to be able to clean it safely and without damaging it. All our technicians come highly trained with the usage of the machines, and we only use grade A cleaning products. So the only thing you will be left with is a fresh and clean house.