Carpet Cleaning Morden

Carpet Cleaning Morden

PTMaintenance is a reputed home maintenance company which provides carpet cleaning in Morden, SW19. Book with us and receive quality at affordable rates.

Performing any type of carpet cleaning is not a easy as it looks. There are a lot of considerations to take into account before you can even being carpet cleaning. For example, what is the carpet made out of, is it susceptible to too much water and will shrink, has it been scotch guarded, what types of stains are on the carpet. All these vital question London homeowners need to ask themselves. However, should you be unsure on the answers, this is where we can help. We have worked on every known carpet manufactured today. We only use quality cleaning products, thus ensuring in a carpet cleaning that is hard to beat.

Carpet Cleaning Prices
Hallway/ Landing Carpet£10 £9
Bedroom Carpet£20 £18
Living/ Dining Room Carpet£26 £23
Flight of Stairs£27 £25

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    I wanted to use this opportunity to say “thanks” once again for the amazing carpet cleaning service and the outstanding results.
    – Liz

    I didn’t believe perfection existed until you performed your activities at home and made our carpets impressively clean.
    – Nicole

    Carpet Cleaning Services in Morden Include:

    • Moving the furniture
    • Special treatment of the heavy-traffic areas
    • Steam cleaning the whole carpet
    • Professional machines are used
    • Deodorisation of the carpet
    • Quick drying time

    Carpet Cleaners Morden, SW19

    steam carpet cleaning Morden

    We offer extensive cleaning services in the field of carpet cleaning and we are currently looking for new customers. If you happen to live in Morden, SW19, London and you are looking for such help, then do give us a call. We will make sure that everything will be performed in the best way possible and the final result will meet your requirements. Thanks to the professional expertise of our workers we can guarantee that you will get the best services out of the situation. Make the best and call us

    Carpet Steam Cleaning SW19, Morden

    Carpet Cleaner Morden

    We are operating a registered, genuine cleaning company in London that has been delivering excellent services including carpet cleaning, rug cleaning, upholstery cleaning, domestic cleaning etc, to the London residents. Our company has been doing business for a number of years across the London city and it is perfectly placed in the Morden, SW19 zone within the city. We are fair business persons; we don’t believe in gimmick pricing and pressure selling, so, we provide fully insured, guaranteed services. We use a full range of cleaning systems including a highly powerful, modern, truck mounted cleaning machine to deeply clean carpets and rugs.