Tiling Services London

One of the most responsible jobs in the area of home decoration is the so-called tiling. Because of this, choosing the right person for the job is of crucial importance. If you live in a bigger house you might want to consider hiring more than one person in order to get the job done on time.

This is why we suggest checking out some of your local agencies who can offer you affordable rates and a qualitative way of work. Lucky for you, we are the current market leader and it will be our pleasure to help you in any way we can. Thanks to the highly qualitative materials we are using, you can be sure that once we are done with the job everything will look perfect and you will have the chance to live in a beautiful house.

We are able to apply ceramic, porcelain, glass, marble, granite and stone tiles. Depending on your wishes, the design of your house and your best need, we will help you pick the best solution for your tiled surfaces. Each type has its own characteristics and best uses. Trust us on this one and you will not be disappointed.

Tiling is not a complicated task but requires skills and knowledge. The proper tiling of a floor or walls will provide you with a beautiful, long-lasting surface. The incorrect placement of tiles may result in moisture, tiles chipping and an uneven surface.

Whenever you do renovations of your bathroom or kitchen and you decide to place tiles, feel free to reach out to our company. We use the best products on the market and ensure perfect completion of all tiling services. All employees of ours that perform this type of service, are experienced professionals and know how to do the job in the best, most efficient way possible. Rest assured that your tiled surfaces will be even, good looking and long lasting.

Here is how the process of tiling a bathroom usually goes:

  • We will help you pick the correct type of tiles
  • Our technicians will come and measure your whole bathroom
  • Tile layout will be lined and leveled
  • Tiles will be cut where needed
  • The whole surface will be primed
  • Waterproofing will be applied where needed (around sinks, showers, bathtubs, corners and pipes)
  • The wall tiles will be fixed with the correct adhesive
  • The floor tiles will be fixed with the correct adhesive
  • All joints will be grouted
  • Corners and edges will be sealed with silicone
  • The whole surface will be sealed
  • Mirrors will be installed

You may rest assured that our technicians will do a perfect job. All tiles will be carefully placed and leveled. The grout will be evenly applied and no mess will be left behind. You will experience no issues of any kind and we guarantee that. Take advantage of this exclusive service and get your tiles done in no time.

Make the right decision when it comes to tiling – call our agency and we will be more than happy to come and fix everything in your house. We are available every day of the week (including holidays) so you can call us anytime you want!

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