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The professional electricians from PTMaintenance can perform any electrical related task in Chiswick, W4. Get an instant service and a free quote now!

If you own a property in Chiswick, W4, London, you ought to know us. We are professional electricians with almost a decade of experience in the electric power industry. Our superior service and bunch of competences are what sets us apart from our competitors. We work very hard to troubleshoot electrical problems. We know how the system works and we offer our professional skills and knowledge. You don’t have to deal with this on your own. Calling our company is a better thing to do. We are open every day and can schedule an appointment right when you call us. Get a free quote.

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    Your service is what I call professionalism and efficiency. I had the exterior lighting installed promptly. The electricians were giving their best not to disturb my family.
    – Zoe

    When I turned the lights on or off, I could feel the switch burning. I thought this was not a good sigh, so I called your company. You fixed the problem with ease.
    – Helen

    Electrical Services from PTMaintenance

    • Design and install electrical installations
    • Install external and internal or emergency lighting
    • Fault finding and safety testing services
    • Install structured wiring systems and full rewiring
    • Install Voice/Video intercoms, CCTV, fire alarm systems

    Electrical Services W4, Chiswick

    Electrical Installation Chiswick

    When there is some sort of electricity work that has to be done at your place, it is recommended to have it done by professional electricians. Working with electricity is dangerous and requires special skills. For any type of electrical work you need to have done, no matter how simple or complicated, call us and allow our experts to handle it for you. We are an excellent company, situated in Chiswick, W4. For many years we have been providing our clients in the area with the best service, giving them the chance to enjoy professional work at low prices. Call us now.

    Professional Electricians Chiswick, W4

    Electricinas London

    Our electricians can provide you the necessary professional help in installing and repair of different electrical devices and systems. Some of their services include installation and repair of different kinds of lighting – external, internal, emergency, installation of wall and ceiling lights in your home, office, garden etc. If you need any repair or installation of electrical appliances call us and order the electrical services you need. Our company is situated in Chiswick, W4 and is ready to help you in different situations. Our electricians are competent, working very professionally and have the knowledge and practice to do their job on the needed level.