Electricians Camden Town

The electricians at PT Maintenance can offer you professional electrical services in Camden Town, NW1 London. We are specialised in electric installations for both domestic and commercial purposes. Our company has been operating in Camden Town for over 5 years and our solutions are preferred by many local residents.

Our engineers are registered at the National Inspection Council for Electrical Installation Contractors which means that domestic customers and businesses can have peace of mind when booking a service with PT Maintenance.

Our Prices in Camden Town

Monday/Friday 7am – 7pm: £70
Monday/Friday 7am – 12am: £100
Saturday 7am – 6 pm: £100
Sunday 7am – 6 pm: £100

All of the work our teams of electric specialists perform in Camden Town is covered by a three month guarantee. Problems with the electrical systems involve high risk and therefore you should get the issue diagnosed by an experienced electrician. The tools and instruments our workers use are top quality. The services offered by PTMaintenance include fuse board enhancements, mild electrical repairs, cabling installations for the newly built properties, periodic inspections, and PAT inspection. Below you can find a full list:

Installation and Rewiring Solutions Camden Town

  • Rewiring offices, Rewiring houses
  • Installation of new switches and sockets
  • Hot water heaters
  • RCD unit installation
  • Commercial design and installation
  • Data and communications cabling
  • Bathroom and kitchen extractor fans
  • House lighting repair and installation
  • Garden lighting design and installation

Emergency Electrician Camden Town

If the electrical systems fail within a home or office, the people living or working there face an emergency situation. The reason behind is that no electricity renders a property barely habitable. It means that you cannot use hot water, lighting, fridge / freezer, heating, you are not able to prepare food.

About Camden Town

Camden Town is often shortened to Camden. It is a district in inner London and forms the central neighborhood of the Borough of Camden. The district counts one among the thirty five major centers according to the London plan, lying a few miles from Charing Cross to the northern side.

Originally, Camden Town was part of St. Pancras parish, Middlesex, and manor of the Kentish Town. From the year 1791, the place became the residential district. Camden Town is situated on London Canal Network and soon after the development of railways the town became a very important location. Formerly, industries formed the economic base of the town, but it has now been replaced by entertainment, tourism, and retail.

The town has been named after the first Earl Camden, Charles Pratt. The land, on which the Camden town stands presently, belonged to the manor of the Kentish Town.

This manor was acquired by Charles Pratt who is a radical lawyer and politician of the eighteenth century, in marriage. It was in 1791 that he gave out leases for the houses that were to be constructed in the manor.

There have been major developments in the economic sector as holiday inn and other entertainment related businesses moved in the area.

The main tube station that serves the town is that of the underground station of Camden Town which also forms the primary interchange station for Charing Cross, Bank, High Barnet, and Edgware. The London over ground station that offers service here is that of Camden Road.