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The professional electricians from PTMaintenance can perform any electrical related task in Peckham, SE15. Get an instant service and a free quote now!

If you need professional electrician’s help you can use our services. Our electricians are very successful in various kinds of electrical installations and repairs for the home, garden or office. They can install and repair your lighting, which includes external and internal lighting, emergency lighting, doing a garden lighting Installations, any kind of lighting repairs, installations of wall lights and ceiling lights. Besides lighting installations and reconditioning, our electricians can install and fix any other electrical appliances, machines and systems, that you have in your home, office or outdoor area. You can order our services, provided in Peckham, SE15 every day from Monday to Sunday.

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    Excellent and incredibly affordable electrical services. For me your company is the number one specialist in this kind of services and you also have the friendliest team of professional electricians.
    – Grace

    When the new dryer I bought didn’t really manage to dry my clothes, I thought it was broken. But then it turned out it was an electrical issue. I’m glad your electricians came and helped me out.
    – Montana

    Electrical Services from PTMaintenance

    • Design and install electrical installations
    • Install external and internal or emergency lighting
    • Fault finding and safety testing services
    • Install structured wiring systems and full rewiring
    • Install Voice/Video intercoms, CCTV, fire alarm systems

    Electrical Services SE15, Peckham

    Electrical Installation Peckham

    Is there a problem with the electricity in your home? Don’t try to repair it yourself but use professional help. A real electrician can cope with the issue in the safest and most effective way. Call us and order our ideal services. Our company has been providing its customers in Peckham, SE15 with the best electrical services for a very long time. We have experience, skills, professional equipment and the desire to please everyone with our service. Our experts can handle any type of electrical fault and complete any kind of task concerning electricity. We work every day, including weekends and holidays.

    Professional Electricians Peckham, SE15

    Electricinas London

    If you are planning a home renovation that includes replacing of the electrical installation or you just need a few sockets and switches installed, don’t hesitate to call us. We provide various electrical services in the area of Peckham, SE15 and according to our current customers, the quality and the price rates are exceptional. We owe our success to the experienced electricians and their dexterity. There is not an electrical issue that would be a bother to them – lighting installation and repair, wiring, re – wiring and many more. Contact us now and we won’t let you down.