Curved Glass Installation

Manufacturing and installing curved glass is maybe one of the most difficult jobs when it comes to glazing. This type of glass is quite strong and its curves give it a unique look which will certainly attract the looks of your guests. If you are looking for a reliable company to provide and install curved glass in your home, then you’ve come to the right place. We are a professional company which has been in this business for many years and our services are well-known for their quality, reliability and affordability.

Curved or bent glass is used in many places: windows, doors, balustrades, façade systems, shop fronts, partitions, shower screens, display cases, splash backs, pool fences, façade systems, etc. Our company is one of the best in London and we guarantee that the curved glass manufactured and installed by us is of the highest quality and it won’t get damaged by the sun or tough weather conditions.

The curved glass we offer is manufactured by some of the most experienced glaziers in London and it will be installed by a team of professionally-trained workers with years of experience.

Whenever you decide to put up a curved window or wall on your property, precision is what you need:

  • The technicians will take exact measurements of the curve on your premises and replicate it, in order to curve the glass in the exact shape.
  • The desired curve is used to make steel brackets, which are used to make a mold.
  • The process begins with the mold being preheated for an hour. This ensures that the glass ( which heats up much faster) will not shatter.
  • In the meantime the glass is cut. It is a precise task since using more pressure may result in the glass breaking under the diamond cutter.
  • The surface of the glass has to be flawlessly clean, since a peck of dust can cause a disaster.
  • In order to prevent the glass from sticking to the steel mold, it is painted with a mixture of detergent, clay and calcium carbonate.
  • The glass is placed onto the mold and put back in the oven. It takes up to 3 hours for it to begin bending. The molecules begin to move at 1300 degrees.
  • The temperature in the oven is constantly monitored, in order to ensure the even bending of the glass.
  • After the glass is bent, the temperature in the oven is gradually reduced in order to prevent the glass from cooling too quickly and shattering.

We offer all types of curved glass – toughened, laminated, annealed – give us a call and we’ll provide you with detailed information about the types of glass we provide.

Our curved glass installation service is very affordable and it can be tailored to meet your budget and needs.

Give us a call and our support staff will make you an offer which suits your budget and meets all your requirements. We do our best to satisfy the needs of our customers and we assure you that you won’t be disappointed if you decide to take advantage of our curved glass installation service. We’ve performed hundreds of similar jobs, so give us a call if you want to be serviced by the most experienced professionals in this branch.

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