Double Glazing London

Most new homes are built with double glazed windows – a new type of glazing which has become a standard. If you are interested in fitting double glazing in your home, then you might want to learn the advantages of double glazing.

Double glazing or insulated glazing consists of two or more glass window panes separated by a space to reduce heat transfer. You can also receive triple or quadruple glazed windows. Laminated or tempered glass may also be used as a part of the construction. The space between the panes provides the bulk of the insulation and is usually filled with air, although argon is also often used since it provides better insulation. A vacuum or different gases may also be used to fill the space in between.

Some of the benefits of double glazing windows are:

Home security – if you combine double glazing with a modern window locking system, then you’ll greatly improve your home’s security. Not only this, but if the fittings are made of aluminium or uPVC, then you will benefit from the lack of maintenance too.

Heat Insulation – this is the most famous advantage of double glazing. Double glazing prevents the heat from leaving your home and therefore you’ll save a lot of money on heating bills. Fitting double glazing in your home is highly recommended now, when fuel is so expensive.

Noise insulation – if you live in a noisy neighbourhood, then double glazing is the solution for you. The two layers of glass greatly reduce sound coming from outside – barking dogs, loud radios, people talking, etc.

Condensation – Double glazing reduces the likelihood of condensation. It usually occurs when the warm, moist air in your home is exposed to a cooler surface, such as a single glazed window.

Availability – Double glazed windows are an option for most types of windows and doors. Double hung windows, sliding doors or bi-fold doors.

Considering the many benefits of insulated glazing, you may consider this option. Paying a bit more is worth it, since your electricity bills will reduce in the long term. It is calculated that half of the heat loss during winter and about 90% of the heat gain during summer, happen through doors and windows. The space between the glass panes plays as a thermal barrier and prevents heat from passing through so easily. The gap is hermetically sealed and filled with argon.

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