Fire Resistant Glass

Few homes need fire resistant glass but many laboratories and other scientific facilities require the usage of these special types of glass in order to ensure the safety of those working there. Our company is one of the most popular glazing contractors in the London area and we offer a full range of glazing services.

One of our less popular, but very important services is fire-resistant glass installation. We know how important this service is and we know that it must be carried out according to the highest standards. It is carried out by a dedicated team which specialises in installing fire-resistant glass and we guarantee that they will take all necessary measures to complete the installation in a safe and professional manner.

If your building regulations require fire resistant glass, do not hesitate and call us. We work with both commercial and residential clients and we are able to manufacture and fit all sizes and types of glass and windows.

There are many types of fire-resistant glass – some of them last for longer under the influence of fire while others are able to resist higher temperatures for a shorter amount of time. Our company offers fire-resistant glass of all types and we are confident that we can suit your requirements. The degree of protection usually depends on the type of fire resistant glass but generally, all types of fire resistant glass have the ability to prevent fire and smoke from spreading.

We offer different types of fire resistant glass, such as:

  • Wired Glass – It is a single sheet of glass with a wire mesh grid inside it. The wire holds onto the glass when a fire outbreak occurs. The only disadvantage is that breakage might occur due to the high impact. In many cases a film is applied on the glass. It allows the pieces to stay together and even when broken, the glass poses no harm to anyone.
  • Fire Rated Ceramic Glass – This type of glass has been treated with a really high temperature. The process causes crystallisation of glass. The crystallised glass is extremely strong and thermally stable.
  • Specially Tempered Glass – Special tempering is needed, in order to create a specially tempered glass. The regular tempered glass has a fire resistance duration of only 20 minutes, which is usually not suitable.
  • Intumescent Glass – This is a lacquered type of glass made of alternate layers of glass and laminate. It is extremely strong and durable. It has a fire rating of 3 hours.
  • Our employees are some of the most experienced and well trained glaziers in London, so we are confident that they have the necessary experience and set of skills to satisfy the needs of the pickiest client.

    The fire-resistant glass which we install has been carefully tested and we guarantee its durability.

    Our work hours are very flexible and we can visit you at any time of the day, on any day of the month – give us a call and our support staff will appoint a time and date when our workers should visit. You can also contact us if you want to know more about our company or if you need additional information about the services we offer.

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