Glass Shelves

If you want to fit glass shelves in your shop or home, then you should carefully pick the company which will provide and install those. If you want this job done by the best professionals in the branch, then you should trust our company.

Our glass shelf installation service is one of the most affordable, but its quality and reliability can’t be matched by any other glazing contractor in London. The glass shelves we offer are made of top quality glass, so they are very durable and easy to maintain.

Glass shelves are usually the perfect choice for the bathroom or for your shop. They’ll give your shop a fancy, modern look which is very easy to maintain. The glass shelves which we offer can be made of different types of glass – sandblasted, laminated, toughened, etc. Give us a call and we’ll provide you with detailed information about the types of glass shelves our company offers.

Some of the advantages glass shelves bring are:

  • They are easy to maintain – While wooden shelves, for example, would need repainting and sealing once in a while, glass shelves will look the same and will only need dusting now and then.
  • They are more durable than most classic shelves – Glass shelves will not warp or rot and will last for as long as you wish them to.
  • The installation is very quick and easy – They can be installed on almost any surface quickly and efficiently.
  • Design Versatility – They easily fit in any interior design and make a simple statement.
  • Visibility of Displays – Glass shelves maximise the visibility of the things you store on them. Show off your best collection!
  • Ease of Cleaning – Wiping them down with a good glass cleaner is enough. Glass shelves do not stain easily.
  • Light Effect – While wooden or metal shelves create shadow, glass shelves let light through and create a beautiful, open space effect.
  • Elegance – Glass has an elegant and classy appearance, this is why it has gained a lot of popularity in the past years.

Picking glass shelves will allow you to benefit from the minimalist beauty of simplicity, without dark, chunky shelves that will take away from the rest of your interior design. Glass shelves are easy to maintain, simple and beautiful. You are able to choose the type, colour and size of glass. We offer a wide range of colours and textures. The most usual material for glass shelves is tempered glass. However, you are able to choose between the many options that we offer and receive any kind of glass shelf that matches the rest of your interior perfectly.

All of our glass shelves have a very high point of breakage and can withstand high temperatures. We usually advise customers on choosing toughened glass so whenever breakage occurs, the shelf will break into many small pieces and not cause any harm to you or your family. The shelves can be installed on wood, cement, brick, tile and marble walls. All shelves come in a variety of shapes and sizes, allowing you to fully customise the look of them according to your best interest. Trust our professionals. They will make sure to install your shelves perfectly so no issues occur in the future.

We’ve worked with hundreds of different clients throughout the years and we guarantee that you will not be disappointed by our glass shelf installation service. Our workers are some of the best in this branch and they perform every job in a quick and professional manner, no matter how simple it is.

They will carefully install all glass shelves and test their stability afterwards. If you need more information about our glass shelf installation service, you can contact our support staff at the phones listed in the ‘Contact’ page of our website.

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