Installation of Safety Mirrors

Few people know this, but mirrors can be made from materials different from glass. Glass mirrors are the cheapest and easiest to make, so they are used in most places, but there are other kinds of mirrors which are usually referred to as safety mirrors. These types of mirrors are used in public places – shops, schools, offices, etc.

A safety mirror, also known as a blind spot mirror or a fisheye, is a lens-shaped mirror or a dome that reflects light in more than one direction.

It has a very large area of vision ( 180 or even 360 degrees). They are used in places where not enough visibility is available but is needed. Convex mirrors are a type of safety mirror typically used for safety reasons.

They can be found :

  • On the road – Wherever an intersection is not allowing good visibility, a safety mirror is usually placed.
  • On vehicles – To help them see the blind spots around the car better.
  • On construction sites – Where there is not enough visibility and constructors are shifting large amounts of materials.
  • In the stores – Whenever the store is too big, safety mirrors might be placed in order to provide a bigger range of visibility. That way burglars will be easily seen from any place in the shop. They are also used around ATMs for the same reason.

Safety mirrors are usually made of materials different from glass – acrylic, stainless steel, polycarbonate, etc. Our company is one of the main providers of safety mirrors for the London area, so if you are looking for the most qualitative safety mirrors in London you’ve come to the right place.

We are one of the most popular names in London when it comes to glazing services and our safety mirrors are well known for their great durability and safety.

We offer the following types of safety mirrors:

  • Acrylic – these mirrors are quite affordable and the material is very durable – nearly 10 times stronger than regular glass. Acrylic mirrors are shatter resistant.
  • Polycarbonate – these mirrors are more expensive, but they are more durable as well. This material is 200 times stronger than glass and it is very resistant to fire as well.
  • Stainless Steel – these mirrors are unbreakable in normal conditions and they are very hygienic as well. The superior mirror material since it cannot be cracked or corroded. The quality does not deteriorate over time and the only disadvantage is that it can dent very easily.
  • Traffic Safety Mirrors – They are required at all entrances and exits of facilities, especially in areas where large trucks enter and exit frequently. They are durable and their outer edge is covered in reflective tape.
  • Dome Mirrors – Full dome mirrors have a 360 degrees field of view. There are also quarter dome and half dome mirrors. They are often placed outside tight corners and on roads to enable drivers to check the ongoing traffic.
  • Glass Mirrors – They have a clear reflection and are scratch resistant. However, they are very fragile and are usually suitable for domestic and internal use only.
  • Convex Mirrors – They provide an angled view for places which need more observation.

If you aren’t sure which type of mirror you should choose, give us a call and our support staff will help you make your choice. We employ a team of professionally-trained glazers who manufacture and install safety mirrors of the highest quality. We guarantee that you won’t be disappointed if you purchase our safety mirrors, because we are a proven name and we’ve already satisfied the needs of hundreds of private and commercial customers.