Painted Splashbacks Glass

Painted glass splashbacks can really add to the good looks of any room or property. They are very easy to maintain and they come in a full range of forms and colours. Nowadays there are many companies which offer painted glass splashbacks, but most of them have been in this business for just a few years and they are not familiar with this modern type of glass.

Splashbacks are a great addition to kitchens and bathrooms. They are durable and easy to maintain. Whenever you get a good quality splashback, it can last as long as your property does.

If you want to purchase painted glass splashbacks from a reputable and experienced company, then you should get in touch with us. We are a very popular glazing company and we are the favourite choice of hundreds of people – our qualitative and reliable services have turned us into one of the most popular names in London when it comes to glazing services.

The painted glass splashbacks we offer can give any room a feeling of depth and space. This type of glass is mostly used in the kitchen, bathroom and office, but it can find use just about anywhere.

We offer a full range of colours – subtle and sultry and we also give our customers the opportunity to create their own colour. We are able to match the colour of your interior, cushions or the rest of your walls. The flexibility of this service is great, so you can customise it to fully fit your budget and needs.

The painted glass splashbacks we offer can be fitted on just about any surface – plasterboard, tiles, fibreboard, MDF, etc. The surface just needs to be smooth, flat and free from protrusions.

  • We will come to your property and take precise measurements of the area that splashback glass will be applied to. The technicians will use laser measuring tools in order to perfectly fit the glass splashback.
  • The glass will be prepared for painting and your custom colour will be mixed. We only use high quality paint so we guarantee its durability.
  • The edges and corners of the glass will be cut in order to fit your space perfectly. Holes will be made for sockets, light switches, taps and other objects.
  • The edges of the glass will be sanded and filed and the whole surface of it will be prepared for the paint application.
  • The splashback glass will be painted with the desired colour. Our painting technicians are able to create depth, patterns or implement any object in the glass.
  • Whenever the glass is ready, the technicians will come over and fit it to your walls. The process is quick and efficient. The glass will be mounted quickly and will be able to last for a long time after that.

The splashback glass panels we install are toughened, so they are more durable than regular glass and they should last for many years. If you need additional information about our painted glass splashback installation service, you can get in touch with our support staff. They’ll answer your questions and tell you more about our company and the services we offer.

For more information, questions or a customer order of splashback glass fittings, please contact our customer service. The office agents will be able to answer all of your questions and give you a free quote.