Sandblasted Glass

Sandblasted glass is also called frosty glass and it is mainly used for decorations. It has some practical uses as well. This type of glass is made by sandblasting regular glass or treating it with special chemicals and a vinyl. No matter which method is used to make this type of glass, the result is always a semi-transparent glass which gives you privacy, but at the same time allows light to come in.

The sandblasted glass which our company offers is of the highest quality and it can be used in many cases. Usually, clients who take advantage of this service need sandblasted glass for the doors and windows of rooms which need a good amount of sunlight, but in the meantime shouldn’t be visible from the outside.

Sandblasted glass looks great and it is impossible to see through it, so it is a great choice for coffee shops, shower doors, etc. Our glazers can also create different textures, symbols and pictures with sandblasted glass, so you can count on us if you want fancy, decorative glass for your property.

Frosted glass is usually used in order to provide privacy for bathrooms, public spaces or other areas that need it, as well as a lot of light. However, frosted glass can be used for decoration as well. We give you the opportunity to create your own design and have it on the glass. Most people choose to get the whole surface of the glass evenly frosted for practical reasons, however the modern tools and equipment we use allow us to create dimension and different patterns on the glass.

Here is how this usually happens:

  • The design that you want is drawn by a technician of ours. The areas that need more depth are labeled and the different textures are chosen as well.
  • Once that design is ready it is made into a stencil. The software we use allows us to print small and large designs and turn them into an appropriate stencil.
  • The stencil is transferred to the glass and all sections that will be frosted first are removed.
  • The texture and depth of the etching are chosen and the process begins. The stencil is removed in sections, depending on the amount of etching that they require.
  • When the process is done and all sections are frosted, the glass is pressure washed and all glass dust and particles are removed, along with the leftover stencil.
  • The glass is cleaned, polished and the technicians are ready to deliver and fit it for you.

Frosted glass can be achieved in two ways – by sandblasting and by acid etching. The results are very similar. The acid causes mild glass corrosion and results in a very fine, smooth and satin like finish. The sandblasting, however, can easily be manipulated by changing the grain of the sand, the pressure and other details in the process.

Both sandblasted and acid etched glass are maintenance free, since they require no cleaning. Their surface is resistant to grease, fingerprints, water stains and others.

Few glazing contractors in London can install sandblasted glass, but you’ve come to the company which offers the most affordable and reliable sandblasted glass installation service in the London area. We’ve been offering our glazing services for many years and we’ve satisfied the needs of hundreds of customers.

Our glazing services aren’t just affordable – they are very reliable and qualitative as well and we won’t be exaggerating if we say that no other company in London can match the price and quality of the glazing services we offer.

If you are interested in our sandblasted glass installation service, then you should contact us via the phones listed in the ‘Contact’ page of our website. Our support staff will take your call and provide you with detailed information about this service and other services we offer.