Sash Windows Installation

Sash windows are the best way to give your home a unique new look. Thanks to their flexible design, sash windows can be customised in different textures, forms and colours which can greatly improve your home’s interior and exterior. If you are looking for a reliable contractor to install your sash windows, then we are the right choice.

Our company offers a full range of glazing services and one of our highly sought offers is the installation of traditional sash windows. We’ve installed hundreds of traditional sash windows in residential and commercial properties and each one of our clients has been completely satisfied by their new windows.

We’ve been offering glazing services for many years and we’ve gathered a lot of experience. We employ a team of reliable and experienced workers who specialise in the installation of sash windows. We can provide you with windows in many different patterns and designs, so you will easily find a design which suits your home.

Sash windows are a rather traditional feature to add to your property. However, we offer a wide range of designs and types of sash windows for you to choose from. You are able to get a classic looking sash window, or implement a modern design to it.

All our sash windows come with hooks on the top and bottom so that you can easily push them up or pull them down. We have also improved our sash windows and we added more features that ensure practicality and safety.

  • Easy Clean or Tilt Option – Usually slash windows slide only up and down. However, there is usually the gap between the two that stays uncleaned or hard to reach. In general, it is quite complicated to properly clean your sash windows inside and out. We offer sash windows with a tilt option. Both the top and bottom windows are able to be unlocked and tilted. That will allow you to properly clean them inside and out.
  • Locking mechanism/ restrictors – Often when we leave our sash windows open, we give the opportunity for anyone to come in through the gap. Whether it is an animal or a human, we shall not allow unwanted guests inside our homes. Our sash windows come with a locking mechanism. It is locked and unlocked with a small key, so that children are not able to pop it back out and allow the window to fully open. The restrictors will come out and prevent the window from opening more than just a few centimetres. Keep your children and house safe.

The process of installing Sash Windows is quite simple:

  • Our technicians will come to take precise measurements of your window opening and decide what frame and jamb to use for your window.
  • The window will be custom made and manufactured if needed. The colour of choice will be applied and if wooden, the frame of the window will be polished and sealed.
  • The technicians will come with the ready window and measure everything once more. They will line the outer edge of the window with flashing tape, in order to reduce the amount of moisture.
  • The window will be put into place, lined with the walls and screwed into place.

The windows we install are made of materials of the highest quality and we guarantee their sustainability. We can install single and double-glazed windows, so we are confident that our sash window installation service can meet the requirements of the pickiest customer.

Our workers have the necessary training and they are qualified to install all types of windows. We guarantee that your sash windows will be installed in a quick and professional manner and you’ll be able to enjoy them for many years to come. Feel free to contact our support staff if you need more information about this service or if you are interested in the other services we offer.