Toughened Safety Glass

Toughened and laminated safety glass is used in many places – shower doors, car windows, phone cabins, etc. These types of glass are very special and they are created with the use of different chemicals and techniques which temper with the glass and give it special capabilities. This is why in many cases this type of glass is simply called ‘tempered’.

Our company is one of the main providers of toughened and laminated safety glass for the London area. We specialise in installing such glass and you can count on us if you want to take advantage of this modern and improved type of glass.

Both laminated and toughened glass have their advantages, but the most important things that must be remembered for toughened and laminated safety glass are:

Toughened – toughened glass is basically regular glass which has passed through several chemical reactions and rapid heating and cooling. Toughened glass is stronger than regular glass and when it breaks, it shatters into hundreds of small pieces in order to prevent injury. This type of glass is usually used for car windows in order to protect passengers and other people who might suffer an injury. Toughened glass is capable of enduring extremely high temperatures. While regular glass might be damaged or shatter when exposed to heat – toughened glass will be able to stand. Thanks to the heating and cooling process it has undergone, it would be a perfect solution if you live in a place with high temperatures all year round.

Laminated – just like toughened glass, it is manufactured by treating regular glass with different chemicals and other methods. Laminated glass won’t shatter into pieces when it’s broken. The laminating layers keep the glass as a whole and prevent it from shattering completely, thus keeping the people around it safe. This is thanks to the polyvinyl butyral interlayer that is sandwiched between the two glass sheets during manufacturing. This component works like a glue and allows the glass to stay into place until a replacement is found when broken. There are different types of laminated safety glass. It could be fire resistant, bullet proof, blast resistant, sound proof and much more.

Here are some of the benefits for both Laminated and Toughened Glass:


  • The thermal or chemical treatment increases the strength, resilience and the ability to withstand high temperatures.
  • Five times stronger than regular glass.
  • Breaks into many small pieces and is safer when shattered ( no glass splinters or larger dangerous pieces)
  • Structurally and thermally better than regular types of glass.
  • No change in the colour, hardness, clarity or light transmission when tempered during the manufacturing process.


  • Plastic layer holds the shards into place, making it safer when shattered.
  • Offers better heat insulation since it is thicker thanks to the plastic layer.
  • Less likely to break
  • Withstands high temperatures, sound and UV rays better.
  • Acts as a protective barrier against strong wind or rain.

No matter which type of glass you need, we guarantee that you can’t find a better glazing contractor than us. We’ve been in this business for many years and we guarantee that our workers are the best in the branch. They’ve installed toughened or laminated glass in hundreds of facilities and so far we’ve never received complaints about our job. Call us if you need more information about this service.