Cover Artex Ceilings

Artex is a popular material which is more expensive than regular plaster, but it is also more attractive and gives you the opportunity to create different textures. If you want the rooms at your home to look great, then you should consider booking a professional artexing service.

We are one of the many companies in London which offer artexing services, but we guarantee that our service is the most affordable in the area and that its quality can’t be matched by any other company. We’ve been offering this service for years and our workers have artexed hundreds of homes.

The artex material is mostly used on ceilings, but it can be used on walls as well.

Our service may include:

  • Applying Artex
  • Repairing artex
  • Designing customer patterns and textures
  • Removing or Covering Artex

Artex is a surface coating material used for decorating, mostly found on ceilings. It was quite popular a few decades ago, mainly for allowing textures to be created easily.

However, there have been a few issues with Artex that harmed its reputation. The first is the fact that it is impossible to seamlessly match the pattern of Artex when repairing it. The second one is Artex being described as the single most difficult material to remove.

There is something else, though. Until 1984 Artex had been using asbestos, in order to strengthen it. Asbestos, as you probably all know, is extremely harmful to human health. The texture is extremely dangerous when in powder form and it is the main reason why so many people want to remove it from their homes nowadays.

Before deciding on removing Artex from your home you might want to consider how old your house is. If the Artex in your house contains asbestos you might want to reach out to professionals in order to get rid of it. Here is how the process of covering Artex ceilings goes:

  • Preparations
    PVA is applied to the whole surface of the wall/ceiling and is left to dry.
    The high spots of the artex are scraped off, ensuring a semi-even surface
    A second coat of PVA is applied to the surface
  • A coat of plaster is applied. The first coat of plaster will play the role of a foundation to the second. It must be quite thick in order to be able to cover all of the artex texture.
  • The first coat of plaster is flattened and leveled. Our technicians will make sure it covers the whole surface of the artex.
  • After the first coat has dried, a second coat of plaster is applied. This coat should be still thick, yet thinner than the first and perfect the whole surface, providing a smooth, leveled surface, ready for painting.
  • We work with some of the most experienced artex specialists in London. They are capable of designing unique textures and patterns which can give any room a unique and individual look. You will cooperate with a specialist in order to create the patterns and textures for your rooms.

    These are just the main things which we can offer our clients. If you want to receive detailed information about our artexing service, then you should contact our support staff. They’ll provide you with the necessary information.

    Our artexing service is carried out by a team of professionally-trained employees which specialize in artexing. They’ve been a part of our company for many years and they’ve worked with hundreds of commercial and private customers. So far, we’ve never disappointed a single client and we do our best to maintain our flawless reputation.

    This service is very flexible and can be tailored to meet your requirements and budget, so don’t hesitate to get in touch with us if your budget is small.

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