Coving Services

There are many things that you can do to give your home an individual look. One of the most affordable and efficient ways to improve your home’s looks is to install coving. There are many stores where you can find ready-to-install covings, but we must warn you that their quality is far from good. If you want to install high quality coving in your home, then we advise you to get in touch with our company.

Coving comes in a wide range of styles and is a really nice detail to add to a room. It is stylish and will cover those unsightly settlement cracks that can appear between the wall and the ceiling. Coving materials include paperface gypsum, polyurethane and polystyrene. Give your home a new look by installing coving.

Coving is one of the many plastering services that we offer and its quality is the same as the quality of our other services – excellent. We work with some of the most renowned coving manufacturers in London and we can give your home the individual look you want. We employ a team of trained designers and technicians who’ll help you choose the best coving for your home.

We’ll research the market and find the most affordable and qualitative coving available. We’ll take care of the installation as well and the best thing is that all this will happen in a matter of days. Our coving service is quite affordable and we are confident that it can be afforded by families with a smaller budget.

Here is how the process of coving installation goes:


  • Our technicians will come and show you a number of coving designs you can choose from.
  • The area will be measured and the estimated place of the coving will be marked.
  • The area where the coving will be placed will be thoroughly cleaned and dusted.
  • The surface will be prepped in order to provide a better key for the adhesive that we will use.

Cutting and Fixing

  • The coving will be measured and external and internal corners will be cut, in order to fit your room.
  • A large amount of adhesive will be applied to the coving. This will ensure its proper fixing.
  • The coving will be placed on the wall and fixed. Any extra adhesive will be wiped.
  • Any gaps that occurred between the coving and the wall will be filled.

Here are the different types of coving we work with:

Coving or Cornice work – This is a strip that covers the join between the wall and the ceiling

Ceiling Rose – A plaster moulding that encircles a ceiling light using leaf or flower motif.

Picture Rail or Dado Rail – Designed to save the walls from having nails knocked in them.

Wall Panelling – Large panels are fixed to the walls, intended to look as though they are a part of the original moulding.

Don’t forget that we can repair old coving as well. Give us a call and we’ll send a technician to inspect the coving. He’ll give you valuable advice and present you with a free quote.

As we mentioned earlier, the coving which we install is of the highest quality and we guarantee its durability. The installation service is very flexible as well and you can book more than just plain installation. For example, we can add specialist finishes to the coving. If you need more detailed information about this service, then you should contact our support staff.

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