Dot and Dab Plaster Board

Finding a company which offers all types of top quality services isn’t an easy job, but it seems like you’ve come to the right place. We are an experienced and renowned company which offers all kinds of plastering, refurbishment, building and other services. One of our most popular plastering services is the dot and dab.

The Dot and Dab method fixes the boards straight to the wall and then they are skimmed over. Dot and Dab, also known as Direct Bonding, allows the plasterboard to be stuck directly to the wall, instead of building a timber stud frame. It is usually used where there is no stud wall to screw ( or nail ) the plasterboard to. It is faster than building a stud frame first.

Each year, many of our clients take advantage of this service and we do our best to meet their requirements. We assure you that our dot and dab is carried out according to the highest standards and you will be completely satisfied with the results we achieve.

Dot and dab is a process in which the drylining is glued to the blockwork with the help of plaster dabs. Of course, we can use all kinds of dabs in order to achieve a different result – for example we can use composite boards to increase insulation. When the dabs of plaster are applied to the boards, our workers will fit them against the wall and tap them into the correct position.

The dot & dab process may sound easy, but we assure you that it is quite complex and you should leave it to professionals. Our company employs some of the most reliable and experienced builders in London, so we guarantee that they can deliver a top quality dot & dab service. Here is how the process usually goes:

  • Preparing the Wall
    Masonry walls tend to absorb a lot of moisture. That will result in the moisture found in the adhesive to be sucked out of it. To prevent this from happening we will apply a coat of PVA mixed with water.
  • Cutting the Boards
    We will measure your walls and cut the boards to size. The adhesive is surprisingly quick to dry so the sections of plasterboard must be cut and ready.
  • Mixing the adhesive
    The adhesive will be mixed, until a thick consistency is reached. We usually use plaster adhesive or bonding compound.
  • Dotting and Dabbing the Adhesive
    Once the PVA has dried, we will apply the adhesive on the wall. We make sure the boards will be leveled by putting bigger or smaller dabs. A continuous line of adhesive will be applied around the edges of the boards, in order to prevent any insects from getting behind them and nesting.
  • The plasterboard is added
    The sections of plasterboard are carefully placed and a long spirit level is used to make sure they are all straight in all directions.
  • Finishing the wall
    We usually skim the whole surface of the wall, however, we may also dryline it.

Many companies in London offer the dot & dab service, but we assure you that they can’t meet the quality and price of our service. We’ve been in this business for many years and we have gained valuable knowledge and experience which help us deliver the best dot & dab service in London.

Our prices are very affordable as well and we give our clients the opportunity to tailor the dot & dab service according to their needs. Get in touch with us if you have any additional questions.

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