External Wall Insulation

Recent research shows that millions of properties in the UK aren’t properly insulated. This leads to poor thermal performance which results in higher fuel consumption and higher CO2 emissions. One of the main reasons for heat loss are poorly insulated external walls.

Having good external wall insulation can bring you many benefits:

  • Better thermal performance
  • Less fuel consumption and CO2 emissions
  • Fire resistance
  • Improved acoustic performance (loud outside noises will be reduced)
  • Low maintenance
  • Extends building life
  • Reduces the energy bills
  • Reduces heat loss
  • Fewer drafts and an increased sense of comfort
  • Does not disrupt the house during installation
  • Allows walls to contribute to thermal mass
  • Improves weatherproofing
  • Reduces condensation on internal walls

However, it may bring some disadvantages too:

  • Potential to cause issues with condensation
  • Likely to require a planning permission
  • Is thick and may cause issues around windows
  • Is an expensive process

External wall insulation isn’t a complex process – the first step is cladding the building with insulation boards. Afterwards, we apply a base coat render and finally add the decorative finish. This doesn’t only improve the thermal efficiency of the home, but also gives it a brand new look.

Here is the whole process in steps:

  1. We test the surface to see if it’s strong enough
  2. We apply primer to the wall
  3. We instal the starter track at the bottom
  4. We mix the adhesive mixture
  5. We apply it to the perimeter of each insulation block
  6. A spirit level is used to make sure all blocks are straight
  7. When the adhesive is dry, all insulation blocks are mechanically fixed to the wall
  8. Corner beads are places around windows and the edges of the wall
  9. A base coat is applied
  10. Fibreglass mesh is embedded
  11. Another base coat is applied and smoothed out to perfection
  12. Silicone rendering is applied to the whole surface

If you want your home’s external walls to be insulated then you should get in touch with our agency. We are based in London and we offer a full range of plastering services, including external wall insulation. We’ve been in this business for many years and we know absolutely everything about external wall insulations. Our workers are professionally-trained and they do their job in a quick and professional manner, so we guarantee that you won’t be disappointed with the results.

We believe that our external wall insulation service is one of the most reliable and qualitative in London, because it is carried out according to the highest standards. Your home will be serviced by trained and licensed builders who are supplied with the most modern equipment and materials. We have worked with hundreds of different clients and so far we haven’t disappointed a single one, so we are confident that we have what it takes to satisfy your needs as well.

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