Paint Pebbledash

Applying pebbledash rendering to your home’s exterior walls isn’t just going to improve the building’s looks – it will also waterproof your home. Homes treated with pebbledash have unique, good-looking external walls which are easy to maintain. In fact, pebbledash rendering is the easiest to maintain and this is one of the main reasons why it is preferred by so many people.

The good looks of the pebbledash last for many years and although some of the pebbles will be washed out by frost and water, the mosaic won’t be ruined, because there are more than enough pebbles on the surface. External walls which are covered with pebbledash rendering, rarely let water in, so you shouldn’t worry about increasing insulation. In fact, pebbledash is a great and cheap insulation which can save you a lot of time and money.

Applying pebbledash isn’t a difficult job – smooth pebbles are dashed or thrown onto the topcoat before it dries. This makes the pebbles stick to the wall and create a weathering surface. Pebbledash is very similar to spar, but it lasts longer and isn’t as expensive.

  • The most important step of the process is the background preparation. The background to be rendered must be prepped and thoroughly examined for contamination, deterioration, surface roughness and strength. All dust, concrete residue, paint, plaster, moss, algae and other dirt and debris must be removed. It is also extremely important for the surface of the wall to be dry. Rendering should not be performed on a moist or frosty wall.
  • The mixing process is next. Depending on the type of mixture you will be using, proportions might differ. However, it is important to know what consistency you are looking for. Lucky for you our technicians are extremely experienced and know exactly how to do that. They know how many layers to apply and how thick the rendering should be. The consistency has to be less thick with each coat.
  • The first (base) coat is applied. It must be thick and smooth out all uneven areas on the wall underneath. When it is dry, a second base coat might be needed and applied.
  • When the base is dry, a top (finishing) coat is applied on top. Before it dries the pebbles are applied. They come mixed and the overall colour can be chosen by you. Our technicians will mix them well in order to provide even application of all sizes of pebbles all over the exterior of your property.

Many people worry that pebbledash is difficult to maintain, but the truth is that this type of rendering requires little maintenance and can cause problems in very few cases. If the external wall is north-facing, then the pebbles should be treated with a fungicide or moss killer.

If you are looking for a company to apply pebbledash rendering to your home, then you’ve come to the right place. We’ve been offering this service for years and we’ve successfully serviced hundreds of different homes. We use the most modern techniques and equipment available in order to deliver a top quality service to all our clients.

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