Plastering Job

    Booking the plastering services of the wrong company can cause you a lot of trouble. Sadly, there are many companies in London which claim to offer reliable plastering services, but always disappoint their clients. If you want to book qualitative plastering services, then you should look for companies like us – we’ve proven our reliability and professionalism numerous times and our services have satisfied the needs of hundreds of clients.

    If you have already suffered from the unprofessional plastering services of a company, then you probably have a ruined room or home, which desperately needs to be fixed. Don’t worry, because we are here to do this. One of our most popular plastering services is job correction. If your home was left unfinished by another company, we’ll do our best to fix this and meet your requirements.

    Whenever a plasterer is hired to do a job and does not perform accordingly, additional measures have to be taken so that your walls are decent again. Some common mistakes could be – applying another layer onto the previous one without it being dry, uneven coating etc.

    If you are indeed, in a situation like that, we suggest you give us a call. Our professionals will come inspect the wall/walls and discuss the best options with you. They will choose the best approach to the situation and will manage to properly plaster your wall. In most cases knocking the wall back to its base (brick/stone etc.) might be required.

    Thanks to their long experience in the plastering area, our technicians are able to take on any task, no matter how bad the condition is. We are able to perform all kinds of plastering jobs, such as float and set, re-skimming walls, insulation jobs, dot and dab and regular rendering and plastering.

    Here are the most common jobs we are hired to repair:

    • Loose or Popped Plaster
      When plaster keys break, sections of plaster pop loose from the wall. Sometimes loose plaster cracks and bows out. There is no way to replace or repair the plaster keys so our technicians will use a special adhesive in a caulk-style tube. They will drill holes through the plaster only and insert adhesive in them. Screws will be placed to hold the plaster back to its original position, later removed.
    • Holes or Crumbling
      Holes usually occur from impact such as a doorknob hitting the wall. Crumbled plaster means that the materials that the workmanship has placed have failed. Repairing holes requires removing the damaged area to reveal the lath underneath. Dry wall is the most suitable material for patching holes. It is screwed to the lath and the patch is then masked and blended with the rest of the wall.
    • Addressing Wavy Walls
      Being hand-crafted, plaster walls always have some imperfections. In some cases the layers applied are not thick enough and reveal the surface underneath. A layer of plaster will be placed in order to fill in all the low spots and level the wall.

    We employ a team of well-trained, experienced and checked workers who have been a part of our company for years. They’ve proven their reliability and professionalism numerous times and we guarantee that they have what it takes to correct any plastering job and satisfy the needs of the pickiest customers. Each one of our employees is vetted and fully insured, so you don’t have to worry about them while they are working at your place.

    Every job correction is different, so this service doesn’t have a fixed price, but we assure you that you won’t find prices lower than ours. Give us a call and our customer support staff will provide you with detailed information about our services and answer all your questions related to our company. Don’t forget that we offer many other plastering services as well and we can help you redecorate your entire home. Call us if you want to know more!