Re Skimming Walls

If you are a part of the many people who re-decorate their homes every few years, then you’ve probably noticed that transitioning from wallpapers to painted walls can be very difficult. The main reason for this is the fact that most walls must be re-plastered before being painted again. Doing this job by yourself is difficult and very expensive so we advise you to leave it to our professional technicians.

Plastering a wall is an integral part of any house renovations. It leaves a smooth, robust finish to your walls. By applying plaster you will give your walls a strong, smooth and durable finish. Not only that, but a well-plastered room will help to keep old walls in good condition and provide the perfect base for paint.

If your walls need some TLC, do not hesitate and give us a call. Cracks and uneven surfaces are difficult to cover with just paint. Skim plastering is the ultimate makeover for your walls. Say goodbye to lumps and bumps.

We offer all kinds of plastering services, including re-skimming. Our re-skimming service is mostly booked by people who frequently re-decorate their home and face problems while painting their walls.

Thanks to our workers, you can have an entire room re-skimmed in a couple of hours and we guarantee that our employees will do a better job than any other company in London.

Here is the process of Plastering a wall in steps:

  • Preparations of the room include the removal of some objects from the room, as well as covering your carpets and upholstery. All sockets and light switches will be removed as well.
  • Clean and prep the wall. All loose plaster and paint will be scraped off, nails will be removed and holes and cracks will be filled, in order to provide a nice, smooth surface. Dusting and cleaning of your walls is what follows.
  • The surface will be primed with a water-based primer. This product will be applied on your walls and assist the adhesion of your joint compounds.
  • The plaster will be mixed
  • The first coat will be applied. This is the base coat and it is thicker, generally smoothing out the surface.
  • The second, finishing coat will be applied. It is thinner and applied with more precision.
  • The whole surface will be troweled twice. This will completely smooth out any streaks and help smooth out the surface.
  • All imperfections will be sanded away. All rough edges, bumps and grooves will be smoothed out.

We value our clients and we are proud to say that we’ve never disappointed a single customer. Our workers are professionally-trained and they always work according to the highest standards, so we guarantee that they will do their best to meet your requirements. Let us take care of the entire re-skimming process – from the initial preparations to the finishing touches – there is nothing that we can’t handle.

We take all necessary measures to guarantee perfect final results – our workers will remove radiators and cover the floor before the work begins. They’ll repair damaged plaster and double check the place in order to make sure that everything is done perfectly.

Our re-skimming service is carried out in a quick and efficient manner in order to save the time and money of our clients. Don’t forget that we offer many other plastering services as well and that you can contact our support staff if you want to know more about our company and the services we offer.