Rendering and Plastering

Color and scratch rendering is a great way to improve your home’s external and internal look. This job isn’t so complex and many people prefer to do it on their own but one small mistake can cost you a lot of money, so we advise you to leave this job to trained and licensed professionals.

Our company is one of the leading providers of plastering services for the London area and we offer a qualitative and inexpensive color and scratch rendering service which can be tailored according to the needs of our clients.

Rendering and plastering are both the process of covering walls. The difference is mainly the materials and the fact that plastering is applied to internal walls only and rendering is usually used on the outside of the house.

Rendering usually contains more cement in its mixture and is used for achieving a good look for your external walls. What is more, it will give your walls great weather and waterproofing properties.

Rendering contains lime gypsum, sand, cement, bonding agents and drying additives in its composition. It is layered onto exterior walls in sheets, applied with a trowel and finished with a number of different tools. It can have a smooth and flat or a textured and patterned appearance.

Plastering, on the other hand, is the process of covering the interior walls of a property and preparing them for painting and decorating. Since it is finer and thinner, the plastering composition contains less cement than the rendering one. It is applied on layers and can have a smooth or textured finish, depending on the client’s preference. It is important to let your plastering completely dry before painting or decorating the wall.

Scratch rendering is also a great way to improve your home’s looks. It can be applied on just about any type of coating, but it is mostly used on external walls. With scratch rendering, our workers can create unique textures which will definitely help your home distinguish itself from the other buildings in the area.

Rendering can be applied on all kinds of walls, including: cement, concrete, polystyrene, brick, existing render and painted walls.

It also comes in a wide variety of types, such as:

  • cement
  • lime
  • pebbledash
  • acrylic render
  • silicone render
  • spray cork

We believe that our color and scratch rendering service is one of the best in London, because it is carried by some of the most reliable and experienced workers in the area. Each one of our employees has been professionally-trained and most of them have been working with us for many years. We assure you that our workers are vetted and fully insured, so you can have peace of mind while they are working at your place.

Our color and scratch rendering service is available for private and commercial customers as well. We’ve worked on all kinds of projects and we can easily handle any job – from servicing small homes to servicing big office buildings.

Our service isn’t expensive at all, so we are confident that even families with a small budget can take advantage of it. Give us a call and our customer support staff will provide you with detailed information about our color and scratch rendering service.