Inspecting Heating Installations

Many homes in London depend on home heating installations and in many cases this is the only heating solution they have. If you are living in such a home, then you should make sure that your heating installation is regularly inspected and properly maintained. Our company is one of the leading providers of plumbing services in London and one of our most popular offers is the home heating installation inspection service.

Annually, it is booked by hundreds of people so you can be sure that our workers have the necessary experience and skills to find the smallest problems in any heating installation. The service is available for commercial and private clients as well, so don’t hesitate to call us if you want the heating installation at your office checked.

We’ve been in this business for many years and we are familiar with every heating installation – from the classic ones to the most modern heating installations which are not as widespread. We know how important heating installations are, so we do our best to deliver a top quality service which meets the requirements of the pickiest customers. We employ a team of trained technicians who have years of experienced and know how to inspect different heating installations:

  1. We go to the thermostat and turn the heat on
  2. We go downstairs and disconnect to turn the furnace off
  3. We remove the cover plate from the furnace
  4. We take a picture of the data tag
  5. First, we check the draft fan. It should start spinning when we turn the furnace back on.
  6. We check the glow/spark plug. If the burners do not light properly, the flame sensor will not get hot and will turn the burners back off. This is called a short cycle.
  7. We can check for carbon monoxide upon request
  8. We check the gas system
  9. We check the air filter
  10. We inspect all hvac registers for proper heating distribution. We use an infrared tool for this
  11. We take pictures of the thermostat when we arrive and before we leave.

Apart from this basic inspection of the system which makes sure everything is properly working, we also check the following:

  • chimneys and vent pipes
  • safety devices
  • heat exchanger
  • piping and ductwork
  • fuel source

Inspecting all those components ensures that the system is safe and the whole chain is properly functioning.

Here are the most common types of heating systems that we inspect on a regular basis:

  • Forced Air
  • Radiant Heat
  • Hydronic (Hot Water Baseboard)
  • Steam Radiant
  • Geothermal

There isn’t a heating installation which we can’t maintain! If you want to have a perfectly working and safe heating system, which won’t let you down in the middle of winter, then you should get in touch with our company. Our heating system inspection service can be booked on a regular basis as well. Give us a call if you want more detailed information about our company and the services we offer.

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