Power Flushing London

You may have noticed that your central heating system isn’t working as well as it used to work when it was first installed. The reason for this is the sludge which accumulates in the pipes over time. This prevents the radiators from evenly distributing the heat around the house and some rooms may be colder than others.

Sludge is the main problem of any central heating system and there is only one way to take care of this problem – power flushing. A power flush is essentially a deep, intense cleanse of your heating system and boiler. It aims to improve the quality of your system’s water by removing rust, sludge and other bits found in it. Power flushing helps with the faster and more even heat distribution. If you don’t power flush your central heating system regularly, then you may face many problems.

How do you know if your central heating system needs a power flush?

Here are some of the symptoms you can watch out for:

  • some rooms are colder than others
  • the system takes a long time to warm up
  • one or more radiators are cold on the top or the bottom
  • radiators need frequent bleeding
  • boiler is noisy

Here is how a power flush goes:

  • We protect your floor in order to prevent damp, dirt or dusty pipes causing a mess.
  • We remove the radiator in order to flush the system but flush it as well.
  • We couple the power flushing machine into the system and connect it to the dump, water inlet and overflow hoses.
  • We open all radiator and lock shield valves to manual position for a full flow throughout the system.
  • We switch the power machine on and let it circulate for around 10 minutes.
  • We start dumping dirty water to waste and open the inlet water valve.
  • We set the machine into circulation mode again and add a cleaning solution.
  • We temporarily fire up the boiler. Hot water helps with the cleaning process.
  • We shut off all radiators and start flushing them one by one.
  • We pump out the water until it runs clear.
  • We open all radiator valves and flush everything until water runs clear.

Our company offers one of the most affordable power flushing services in London and we guarantee that central heating systems maintained by us last for many years and function the way they are supposed to. Our power flushing service can be booked for one-off cleaning or on a regular basis – we advise you to have your central heating system cleaned at least once a year in order to preserve its good condition and increase its efficiency. Our company has been offering this service for many years and we guarantee that we achieve results which no other company in London can match.

Our workers have been professionally-trained and we supply them with the most modern power flushing equipment. They are familiar with all types of central heating systems and they have a unique approach towards every situation. We assure you that central heating systems cleaned by us will be completely free of sludge.

Our power flushing team is available seven days a week and thanks to their flexible work hours they can visit you at any time of the day. Usually this job requires several hours, but we assure you that the final result is worth every minute. Contact us for more information.

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