Property Inventories Childs Hill

PT Maintenance provides property inventories services in Childs Hill, NW2 London at the most competitive prices in West London. We offer to landlords and estate agents an independent, and professional inventory report performed by highly dedicated team. Our reports protect tenants and landlords because they include in deep descriptions of the condition and content of a property.

Our inventory solutions are approved by AIIC – Association of Independent Inventory Clerks. We attach didgital photographs to the inventory reports that prove the condition of the property. All reports are prepared within 48 hours of the visit to the property.

An inventory report provided by PT Maintenance will have you rights protected at all times during a lease, since they are considered an official document which signed by all parties. Our company has gained the reputation of one of the most trusted inventory firms in Childs Hill, NW2 because of our competitve rates and professionalism.

Our Rates

  • 1 Bedroom Flat: £70
  • 2 Bedroom Flat: £80
  • 3 Bedroom Flat: £95
  • 4 Bedroom Flat: £110

Below you can find more information about our reports in Childs Hill.

Inventories Childs Hill

This is an official document which provides a record of the accessories, furnishing and decoration of your home at the start of a tenancy. It describes the condition of the entire accommodation: from the front entrance through each room, and includes any outdoor space. It includes high resolution photos of each room for a quick overview.

Check in Reports Childs Hill

This is an inventory report that takes place at the beginning of the tenancy agreement. It is prepared by a certified inventory clerk from our company in Childs Hill and presents a self-evident document containing both written and photographic materials that prove the condition of the property.

Check out Reports Childs Hill

PT Maintenance provides accurate check out reports prepared by our independent inventory clerks in Childs Hill. This kind of inventory report is conducted at the end of the tenancy agreement and represents the current condition of the accommodation when the tenants move out.

EPC’s Reports Childs Hill

This is an Energy Performance Certificate, also known as ‘EPC’, that you should prepare when your home is rented out. The EPC report is part of the European legislation that investigates the climate change and tries to reduce the emissions of carbon dioxide.

About Childs Hill

Childs Hill is a ward under the Borough of Barnet located in its southernmost end. The development of the area took place in the latter half of the nineteenth century. Childs Hill is situated a few miles from the Charing Cross toward the north western side.

It is situated at the junction of the Finchley Road and the Cricklewood Hill. Childs Hill also enjoys a location adjacent to West Heath that is a part of the Hampston Heath.

Childs Hill had been a center for the making of tiles and bricks that supplied materials to the buildings in Hampstead during the eighteenth century. The area has an altitude of 259 feet above the sea level. The construction of the Finchley Road, following the act of the Parliament, was completed in 1829.

There were terraced housing along with four high rising flat blocks. The first among these blocks of flats was built for Metropolitan Police by the Tersons builders in about 1956. It was during the 1960s that the second and the third blocks of flats were built in the Granville Road.

The area also has a library along with Childs Hill Park, along with an eighteenth century pub, Childs Park. There are several restaurants and shops, offices, small businesses, churches, schools, and offices. The ward has the densest population in the borough. CLAN is the Resident’s Association that the area has and that represents three residential streets that are located at the center of the area- Llanvanor, Crewys, and Nant roads.