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If you plan to renovate or refresh your property with new furniture, repainting or redecorating in your home, you can use our high class refurbishment services, which will make it look like new. Every aspect of your home renovation will be agreed with you in order to receive the improvements you want. Our refurbishment specialists can also offer you all kinds of repairs in your home,depending on your needs. Call us any time you want high class refurbishment and we will get in touch with you to discuss the details. We are situated in Hoxton, N1 and work seven days a week at no additional charge on weekends.

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If I ever need some kind of refurbishment work done again, I am definitely calling your company. Your experts are amazing and super friendly as well.
– Olivia

You are brilliant experts in all kinds of refurbishment procedures. My home is looking amazing after you renovated it. Thank you.
– Marilyn

Refurbishment Services from PTMaintenance

  • Consultation with experts free of charge
  • Qualified builders with extensive experience
  • Set time frames
  • Service that fits your budget

Renovation Services Hoxton, N1

renovation services Hoxton

Hello! We would like to offer you our high-quality refurbishment services. Our business is located in Hoxton, N1 and serves many residences in this area.

We have worked on many projects since we started our business. People trust us because they know that we are very committed to what we do and we have developed the right techniques. Besides our workers are some of the best builders in London, having all the experience and knowledge to work in this sector.

We promise the final results will be exactly what you’re looking for. You just need to trust us. For more details, call our company.

Professional Refurbishment Hoxton, N1

refurbishment services Hoxton

When it comes to refurbishment work, our name is the first one to occur to people’s minds in the whole area of Hoxton, N1. We have been serving the district for many years and have pleased a huge number of customers. Our company is reliable, experienced, devoted and excellent at the job. We love what we do and it shows in the amazing work we always manage to provide our clients with. We work with a team of great professionals, who are trained, motivated and skilful. They will assist you, give you all the possible options for the refurbishment of your property and help you realise your ideas.