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Book professional refurbishment services in Whetstone, N20 with PTMaintenance and receive adequate and free of charge viewing. Call us now!

You can renew your home and redesign it exactly according to your ideas, using our high quality refurbishment services, provided on inexpensive prices. After you explain your project to our design specialist, they will make a pattern of it. You will see it and if you approve it we will start working. You can make a complete makeover in your house or flat with the help of our trustworthy engineers, decorators and craftsmen. They will consult with you about every task and make your home renovated and refreshed. We are located in Whetstone, N20 and are on your disposal any time of the day and week.

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    I felt like letting you know that ever since you finished the refurbishment project of my home, I enjoy spending time there much more.
    – Lee

    Your builders are very hard-working people who worked wonders on my house. The refurbishment service went beyond my expectations!
    – Chase

    Refurbishment Services from PTMaintenance

    • Consultation with experts free of charge
    • Qualified builders with extensive experience
    • Set time frames
    • Service that fits your budget

    Renovation Services Whetstone, N20

    renovation services Whetstone

    Are you having some issues with completing your home refurbishment project on time? All the home improvement procedures that require precision took longer than you have expected and now you need a reliable assistant to help you finish the bathroom or the kitchen fitting, paint the walls or take care of the flooring. Don’t wait and contact us now provided that your property is located in the area of Whetstone, N20. The proven experts we employ will arrive on time, prepared to deliver an outstanding service. All our clients are happy with the quality and the price of our services and we are positive that you won’t be an exception.

    Professional Refurbishment Whetstone, N20

    refurbishment services Whetstone

    Every family needs change in its home once in a while because everyone likes to feel refreshed, different and inspired by the harmony and cosiness of their home. Now you can easily achieve that if you consider the property refurbishment our team does and then just let our professionals do their job and finally amaze you with the results. We can renovate just one room, we can insulate your house from exterior factors, we can replace the old tiles with modern ones, we can paint your walls in merry colours, etc. We are available in Whetstone, N20 and around in London.