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In order to be kept fresh and appealing, every home needs to receive specialised property refurbishment from time to time. If you want the best for your home and dream of elegant and cosy living atmosphere, you can call our company and set an appointment with our experts. We’ll help you pick the most appropriate type of renovation for your place and then we will surprise you with fast and really successful final which will even go beyond your expectations. Don’t hesitate to hire the best team in Cricklewood, NW2 and the rest London areas nearby and rediscover happiness and comfort.

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    If it wasn’t for you to refurbish my living room, I wouldn’t have been able to do it myself. Thanks a lot for your help!
    – Robin

    My wife wanted to have the bedroom renovated, so I ordered your refurbishment services. You did an excellent job.
    – Austin

    Refurbishment Services from PTMaintenance

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    Renovation Services Cricklewood, NW2

    renovation services Cricklewood

    You want to give your property for rent? Then, you should consider doing a property refurbishment so you will get the most of it. The investment for the refurbishment will be refunded immediately after you start receiving your rent. Plus, our prices are low but the quality of our services isn’t. Our team of veteran tradesmen will make the house look new once again for your tenants. We offer a wide range of renovation services that include tiling, electrics, windows glazing, plumbing plastering and more. We cover the area of Cricklewood, NW2 every day. Book with us now!

    Professional Refurbishment Cricklewood, NW2

    refurbishment services Cricklewood

    If you looking for an urgent professional help for your house renovation, our team will help you. Our company specialises in delivering property refurbishment services and we will offer you our special prices. No matter the size of the project, we guarantee you the best results every time. Our team of experienced tradesmen will do their best to make the refurbishment exactly like your original design ideas. Some of our refurbishment services include plumbing, windows glazing, plastering, tiling flooring, electrics, paving and marble designs. We are available every day of the week in the area of Cricklewood, NW2. Call and book today!