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Can you say you feel calm, satisfied and inspired at home when you look around its style and appearance? If you can’t say “yes” at the moment this means you need property refurbishment now. And the best team in London which can give you the dream final result and more is ours. You just let us know what you want and we make it true by fulfilling our duty efficiently and making your surprised by the amazing look of the place. Every activity is carried out with high-quality materials so you can be sure you get the best in Lewisham, SE13.

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    We needed new hardwood flooring installed in our hallway. After using your refurbishment services, we are more then pleased with your work.
    – Owen

    Great job, affordable service and friendly technicians. So happy that I have entrusted you with my bedroom refurbishment.
    – Maria

    Refurbishment Services from PTMaintenance

    • Consultation with experts free of charge
    • Qualified builders with extensive experience
    • Set time frames
    • Service that fits your budget

    Renovation Services Lewisham, SE13

    renovation services Lewisham

    If you have already found your dream home but it seems like it needs a touch up, don’t postpone getting in touch with us. We have a team of qualified and trustworthy technicians, available seven days a week in the area of Lewisham, SE13 and widely recognised for delivering refurbishment services of outstanding quality. They will come to your property and discuss all the details with you. You will be advices about the quantity of the building materials needed, the approximate time and money you are supposed to spend for the project. Contact our call centre supporters now for more information.

    Professional Refurbishment Lewisham, SE13

    refurbishment services Lewisham

    Do you need to renovate your residential property? Have you chosen a company to help you? Let us present ourselves. We own one of the most prestigious and growing companies in London, which has refurbishment services. It has been a long time since we started our business and we should say that today we are more confident and experienced than ever. Our builders are great people. So knowledgeable and competent, so friendly. They are very professional and outgoing. You can find them in Lewisham, SE13.

    If you really need a professional, high-quality refurbishment service, our company is the right choice. Trust us.