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If you want to revitalise your home and make the necessary repairs and innovations in it, order our refurbishment services. They are done precisely according to your requirements. Once you explain each detail, concerning your refurbishment project, we will start realizing it. We provide successful extensions, conversions, furniture and appliances fittings, installation of different built-in objects, repairs and many other services on affordable price. Call us and order the refurbishment you want in your home. We are located in Hanwell, W7 and work seven days a week. Our craftsmen, architects, painters and engineers will provide you the innovations you dream of.

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    We wanted to change our light fixture with new and used your refurbishment service. Your technician did the replacing safely and fast.
    – Tom

    You guys are real refurbishment experts! I can’t tell you how happy I am that you managed to take care of my home in such short notice. Thank you.
    – Seth

    Refurbishment Services from PTMaintenance

    • Consultation with experts free of charge
    • Qualified builders with extensive experience
    • Set time frames
    • Service that fits your budget

    Renovation Services Hanwell, W7

    renovation services Hanwell

    We can improve the value if your house or apartment and make it revived after we do the refurbishment you need. Our services include a number of innovations and repairs. You can order installation of new built-in furniture in any room, repainting, plastering of ceilings and walls, redecorating and many other renovations. Our company is situated in Hanwell, W7 and is ready to plan and implement all kinds of improvements and renovations in your home. Our specialist and engineers will consult you on your projects and provide you professional refurbishment. Don’t hesitate to call us and reserve the makeover or repair you need in your house or flat.

    Professional Refurbishment Hanwell, W7

    refurbishment services Hanwell

    Every real estate property needs to be renovated from time to time, so that it can last and serve to the owners for longer. Now it might be the perfect time for you to plan an improving of your bathroom or freshening up of your kitchen. For these and many other types of domestic renovations you can count on our leading agency. The affordable refurbishment services which we provide are describes by our customers as one of the best in Hanwell, W7 and in the entire city of London. You can test their effectiveness yourself by reserving them for your annual home refurbishment.