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PT Maintenance is a leading property maintenance and property management company based in London.

We offer full range of home and office maintenance solutions including plumbing, decorating and painting, roofing, refurbishment, loft conversion, air conditioning, glazing, gas and central heating.

Non-maintained homes and businesses are easy to spot and they are usually the first thing which a guest or a client sees. If you want to leave a good first impression in your guests or clients, then you should think about refurbishing your home or business. Our company is here to do this job for you – we offer a full range of professional property maintenance services.

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    We at Property Maintenance London value our customers and make sure that all of their needs are completely satisfied. Each month we work on different projects and we do our best to meet the expectations of our clients. Some of the most popular services we offer are – roofing, carpentry, plumbing, etc.

    The best thing about the services we offer is that they are very flexible. We can take care of all kinds of problems – from a leaking pipe to a complete home renovation. Our prices aren’t fixed and they entirely depend on the situation. We can guarantee only one thing about our prices – they can’t be met by any other property maintenance company in London.

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    Carpet Cleaning London

    Taking care of your carpets on regular basis can prolong their lifespan and make them pleasing and neat – looking. Moreover, the only proven method for eliminating all the allergens, stuck to the fibres,...

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    End Of Tenancy Cleaning London

    End of tenancy cleaning is an important cleaning procedure that needs to be implemented when the tenant decides to change their place of living. It is very important to provide this service in an impeccable...

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    Property Inspection Services

    Many companies in London offer property inspection services – some of them work with private customers while others prefer working with commercial clients. If you want to take advantage of a reliable...

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    Plastering Services London

    Many companies in London can offer you plastering services, but which one of them can you trust/ Choosing the right company has always been difficult and nowadays it is even harder, because there are hundreds...

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    Roofing Services London

    Finding roofing services in London isn’t so difficult, because there are many companies offering this service. However, you must try to find the most reliable, affordable and qualitative roofing service....

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    Refurbishment London

    If you are looking for qualitative and reliable refurbishment services which won’t cost you a small fortune then you have come to the right place. Our refurbishment services are the most popular in London...

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    Loft Conversions London

    Have you ever thought of turning the loft in your home in a comfortable room which can greatly improve your home’s coziness? Doing this isn’t as hard as it sounds, because you can always rely on professional...

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    Decorating and Painting London

    Decorating your home isn’t an easy task – it may seem enjoyable, but not everyone has the required imagination to create a good-looking design which will improve the entire appearance of your home....

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    Glazing Services London

    Glazing services are highly sought in London and our company offers one of the most qualitative and affordable glazing services in the area. We are a very experienced agency and our glazing services are...

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    Carpenters London

    PT Maintenance offers high quality carpentry services which have been used by hundreds of people through the years and we are confident that our employees can meet the expectations of the pickiest clients....

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    Building Services London

    We are a professional agency located in London and we have been one of the main providers of building services for residents of London for years. We’ve been building our reputation for a couple of years...

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    Electricians London

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    Plumbers London

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