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Flexible Silicone & Acrylic Finishes

Flexible silicone & acrylic finishes are currently the most modern finishes for any building. They aren’t the cheapest finishes you can find, but we assure you that they are worth every penny. Applying these finishes isn’t an easy task and only few companies in London can handle it – we are one of them.

We’ve been one of the leading providers of plastering services for residents of the London area for many years and our services have satisfied the needs of hundreds of private and commercial clients. We are well known for the reliability and professionalism of all our workers and we guarantee that you won’t be disappointed if you decide to take advantage of our services.

Flexible silicone & acrylic finishes are so good, because:
These special finishes contain a special anti-crack formula
They are resistant to the weather conditions
They are resistant to UV light
These finishes can be applied to large areas with perfect color consistency
These finishes can be applied on just about any type of coating, so they are suitable for most building. They can also be combined with insulations, so you can count on us if you want to increase the insulation of your place and improve its looks as well.

We have a dedicated team of workers who specialize in flexible silicone & acrylic finishes and they have already worked on hundreds of different buildings. We guarantee that they are devoted to their job and will do their best to meet your expectations. Just like our other services, this one is carried out according the highest standards in an efficient and economical manner.

If you have any other questions about this service, you can get in touch with our friendly support staff. They’ll provide you with additional information about our company and the services we offer.